What to Consider When Fixing Your Concrete Driveway

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What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about concrete driveways? The curb appeal looks great, right? But what do you know about fixing one and doing an excellent job at the same time? If you’re not quite sure, don’t worry.  

This article is going to help! We’ll discuss what considerations need to be made before starting work on your concrete driveways and provide tips for keeping them from getting damaged in the future. Read on for more information! 

When to consider fixing your concrete driveway 

There are a few things you need to consider before starting work on your concrete driveway.  

First of all, if it is just cracked and chipped in some places but still looks good overall, then there’s no rush! You can simply fill the cracks with cement filler or spackle and paint over the chips with some paint. Then you’ll be all set! 

However, if the concrete surface has sunken too much or is so full of cracks that it looks unsightly, then there’s no time to waste – it needs fixing ASAP! Depending on how serious the damage is, this can mean either filling and re-leveling or completely replacing your concrete driveway. 

But don’t worry about figuring out which option is best for you just yet; we’re going to dive into what each one entails below. When reading about these options make sure to take notes as well! You might need them later…we know how easy it can be to forget important things like this at first glance. 

Filling and re-leveling your concrete driveway 

If the concrete surfaces have sunken too much, you can try filling and re-leveling them. This is a process of concrete driveway repair that involves adding new concrete to the existing driveway in order to raise it back up to its original level.  

This is usually a pretty affordable option, but there are a few things you need to keep in mind before getting started:  

  • The area where the work will be done needs to be completely cleared and free of all obstacles – including cars! 
  • You might have to wait for the weather to cooperate before starting this project; if it’s too cold or wet, the new concrete won’t set properly and your efforts will be wasted. 
  • Filling and re-leveling your concrete driveway is a noisy process, so be prepared for that!  

That being said, you can usually get this job done within one or two days and it will cost around $1700 on average. 

Replacing your concrete driveway 

If your driveway has sunken too much to fill and re-level, then replacing it might be the best choice for you. This option doesn’t require anything fancy; all of the materials needed are readily available at most hardware stores. You’ll need:  

  • A shovel – just in case things get messy. 
  • Some plywood boards to use as forms (to keep new concrete from spilling onto places where you don’t want it)  
  • Cement mix (don’t worry, it’s easy to carry and you don’t need much of it!) 
  • A tamper – this will be used to pack the new concrete down after you’ve poured it into place.  
  • Some wooden stakes (to hold up the plywood forms) 

The whole process is pretty simple; basically, all that needs to happen is for someone with experience in laying cement or bricklaying to come out and pour a new driveway over your existing one.  

The entire project should take around three days on average, so if things go smoothly remember not to book any important events during those few days! And how much does something like this cost? Around $3600 on average. 

Working with floats to finishing a residential concrete sidewalk

Tips for maintaining your concrete driveway 

Now that your concrete driveway is fixed, here are some tips for keeping it in good condition! 

First of all, be sure to clean the surface thoroughly before you start. Use a pressure washer or wet vacuum cleaner so that there are no loose pieces around – these can chip off and damage your driveway again! You should also check for cracks regularly and fill them with cement filler as soon as possible. Keep up this routine every few months just to be safe. 

And remember what caused the problem in the first place? If it’s due to improper installation or weather conditions, then try not to make those mistakes again if at all possible! Then you won’t have any problems down the road. 

So now you know what considerations need to be made when fixing your concrete driveway, how to go about it, and how to maintain it in the future. Follow these tips and your driveway will look good as new for years to come! 

So, what do I choose? 

Now that you know about these two options and what they entail, it’s time to decide which one will work best for your situation.  

If a completely new driveway isn’t in the cards financially then filling and re-leveling might be your best bet. It won’t increase the value of your home as much as replacing it would but remember – this option is still going to look 100% better than an ugly sunken concrete drive! 

So, there you have it; the gist of what needs to be considered when fixing your concrete driveway. If you’re not sure which option is best for you, don’t worry!  

Take some time and think about where in your home or yard work will need to take place (and how much that might inconvenience someone), whether or not any changes are necessary due to weather conditions, and if the project seems like something you could handle on your own by following instructions.  

Then just jot down a few notes so that later on when things get hectic (as they often do), you’ll still remember all of this information! Good luck. 


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