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While concrete driveways can last for decades, certain factors might create deterioration that reduces their lifespan. Extreme weather can cause fading and wear; cracks can form, and oil leaks from automobiles can cause stains. All driveways deteriorate and become a use and safety risk as they age. The goal with any driveway should be to extend its life as much as possible before fully removing and replacing it. This necessitates an annual or long-term maintenance schedule, depending on the sealer used. 

JAX Concrete Contractors is a full-service concrete company that specializes in residential and commercial driveway repair. 

5 Indicators Your Concrete Driveway Requires Repair

If you notice changes in your driveway, you might have to replace, fix, or resurface it. Consider the following:


Cracks that are wider than 0.25 inches should be corrected before they spread. If frozen water expands inside a  driveway crack, it will grow wider and deeper, increasing the likelihood of a problem. 

Sunken Parts

Have you noticed your driveway sinking lower than the floor of your garage? You can fix it and level it again. 
Step 4

Wear signs before ten years

The lifespan of a concrete driveway should be at least 20 years. Hence, if it’s cracking or drooping before ten years elapse, then it should be repaired.


A single pothole is simple to repair, and if done promptly enough, fixes can avoid additional damage.

Fading Color

Don’t be concerned if the color of your driveway has changed. Although it could be an indication of aging, it still is usable. For your concrete driveway, you can restore discolor by fixing any gaps and applying some sealer.
Instead of ripping up and replacing your traffic- and time-worn driveway, why not refresh its look easily and quickly with a top Jacksonville concrete driveway repair company? Driveway resurfacing is the best option if the damage is minor, covers less than half of the surface, and the repairs allow you to keep the driveway’s overall integrity. 

Resurfacing entails repairing driveway cracks and replacing the top layer of concrete, either by breaking it up completely or fixing tiny sections. This will give your driveway a new appearance while costing less than a full replacement. 

Why Us?

Choose the best driveway repair company Jacksonville FL has to offer.

Professional Service 

At JAX Concrete Contractors, our team prides itself on delivering professional, high-quality services. We strive to ensure that every project is completed on time, within budget, and to your absolute satisfaction. 

Concrete Driveways 

We specialize in designing and installing concrete driveways that enhance your property’s curb appeal and stand the test of time. Each driveway we create is a testament to our commitment to quality and durability.

Driveway Resurfacing 

Breathe new life into your worn-out driveway with our expert resurfacing services. We use top-tier materials and techniques to restore your driveway, improving its appearance and longevity. 

We fix Driveway Cracks 

Don’t let unsightly cracks ruin your driveway. Our experienced team is adept at repairing driveway cracks and restoring the smooth, even surface your property deserves. 

Driveway Refinishing 

Our driveway refinishing services are designed to bring out the best in your concrete driveway. We employ professional-grade finishing techniques to enhance your driveway’s durability and aesthetic appeal.

Residential & Commercial Service 

Whether you’re a homeowner looking to improve your outdoor living space or a business needing robust concrete solutions, JAX Concrete Contractors is your trusted partner. We offer comprehensive residential and commercial services tailored to meet your specific needs.

Professional Driveway Repair Contractors

While concrete is among the most durable materials available, it is not impervious to cracks and other structural problems. 

We’ve seen it all, from sinkholes to settling fissures, slanted driveways to flood damage. If your driveway can be fixed, as Jacksonville’s concrete repair specialists, we’re the team with the skills and experience to do it! 

Our driveway repair and resurfacing uses an intact sub-base to give you that “new driveway” look and feel without tearing everything down and starting over. The most critical aspect of your driveway is a suitable base layer. We may make modest repairs to the surface that integrate seamlessly and look excellent with your current driveway as long as it is robust enough. 

Our clients are impressed with the outcomes of their concrete resurfacing projects when they engage with us. But, in the end, we understand people have to be able to count on us time and time again in so as to be confidently assured in the work we do. We understand the value you have on your home or business, and we appreciate the opportunity to earn your trust. 

As professionals, we contribute decades of experience and make sure that each project we complete is done well. Clients value our rapid availability and expert commitment to meeting budgets and deadlines. 

Driveway Resurfacing Jacksonville Options

Resurfacing your driveway is the best option if the damage is visible on the surface and the repairs allow you to keep the driveway’s overall integrity. 

Consider resurfacing your driveway if the top needs substantial repairs but the foundation is still intact or if you are concerned about the appearance of patched concrete or filled-in cracks. 

You know you need a skilled concrete refinishing specialist at the helm of any job, from driveway resurfacing to pool deck resurfacing. JAX Concrete Contractors will dispatch a contractor to assess your current concrete damage and recommend a solution. A resurfacing project is often enough to make your concrete last longer.  

Consider coating alternatives such as non-slip, weather resistance, or even stain-resistant. When JAX Concrete Contractors works on your garage, driveway, walkway, or pool deck, it will be the talk of the community. 


As a concrete company Jacksonville FL you can lean on, we are here to help you with any of your concrete service requests. We will give you full support to find a service that matches your needs and preferences.

We don’t want to keep you waiting. Therefore, we make sure to answer all concerns as soon as possible. Give us a call today, and together let us work on the comprehensive plan of how to remodel or build your dream project.


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