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Concrete slabs are all over the place. They are the pads that surround commercial dumpsters and are specifically designed to withstand the weight of collection trucks. They serve as the foundation for many modern residences, workplaces, and retail establishments. Concrete slabs are commonly used for residential patios and garage flooring, and many individuals install concrete slabs for garden sheds, workshops, and storage facilities. 

At the most basic level, a slab is any flat, horizontal plane made from concrete. Given their popularity, it is not unexpected that there are countless videos on the internet claiming to demonstrate to you how simple it is to install a concrete slab yourself. Unsurprisingly, these posters do not give follow-up movies demonstrating what happens to the slab after two or three years. 

A skilled concrete slab contractor is required for a long-lasting, safe, and aesthetic concrete slab. This is especially true if the pavement must carry severe loads, is enormous in size, or must be built on a location with unstable soil, a slope, or subsurface drainage problems. 

A concrete slab does not serve as a foundation. Slabs can be seen in basketball courts, patios, driveways, and spa pads. The edges are sometimes slightly deepened, but for the most part, the slab remains the same thickness all the way to the margins. 

What Is Included in the Design of a Concrete Slab? 

Concrete slabs are made up of three parts: a subgrade, a base, and a concrete mix. There are several grades of concrete mixes, and their comprehensive, tensile, and flexural strength might vary. The subgrade must be considered when planning a concrete slab, but the type and thickness of the foundation and concrete are crucial. We must also assess whether the concrete requires reinforcement. If it does, we must figure out how much and where to put the rebar. We validate all calculations after carefully engineering your design to ensure that your concrete slab will deliver the aesthetics and functionality that you expect. 

Concrete Slab Construction You Can Rely On

Since every concrete building needs a strong foundation to support the walls and floors, concrete slab services are highly common. Concrete slabs controls the general stability of the structure, and any severe flaws could result in serious issues. Working with experts who can ensure top-notch outcomes, such as a solid foundation for your project, is crucial. We at JAX Concrete Contractors are experts in laying down only the finest concrete slabs for your building. 

Several industrial facilities use incredibly complicated and heavy forklifts, automated guided vehicles, , among other heavy material-handling equipment in today’s high-tech, fast-paced environment. This is one of the reasons durable concrete slabs are such an essential component of building construction. Concrete slabs must survive demanding circumstances including absorption of impact from massive immobile loads and heavy, moving traffic.  

A concrete floor must make firm contact with the subgrade underneath in order to guarantee that dynamic and static stresses are distributed equally over the slab. The failure of this intimate contact, however, may cause tension in the concrete if a void forms between the slab and the subgrade.  

Why go with the Best Jacksonville Concrete Slab Contractors

A stable, robust concrete slab is required to build a level outdoor surface, such as a driveway, as well as to properly establish any form of structure, such as barns, storage sheds, and carparks. If you do not properly pour concrete, you risk destroying the structure you place on it and reducing the quality and durability of your slab. Call JAX Contractors for a free quote to install your concrete foundation slab to keep your property looking nice and everyone safe. A concrete expert from JAX contractors will personally evaluate your building or project specifications, including construction blueprints, and will visit the job site to prepare a free and detailed estimate for your concrete foundation slab. 

Benefits of Concrete Slabs 

Concrete slabs have numerous advantages; here are the top five reasons why they are so vital: 

Pedestrian Safety

Sidewalks create a safe environment for people walking through towns and cities. 


Sidewalks are an important aspect of a location’s aesthetics and an essential addition to framing a road and making everything look nice. 

Structural Support

Concrete slabs provide support for heavy things that would otherwise damage other surfaces or materials. 

Step 4

Value for Money

Concrete provides exceptional value for money because of its strength and resilience, and concrete sidewalks and slabs can survive for decades if properly maintained. 


Concrete is a sturdy, powerful, and long-lasting material that is an important aspect of the urban landscape and is required for your project. 

Professional Slab Removal, Repair & Replacement 

As concrete proceeds through its lifecycle, regions become increasingly degraded; when concrete becomes too deteriorated for preventative treatments, it must be removed and replaced. Concrete removal and replacement of deteriorated or damaged material is critical to preventing future degradation and reducing potential liabilities. 

Examine the concrete area for underlying problems before beginning the removal and replacement repair, such as high-traffic areas, unusual activities, or anything else that could place pressure on a concrete building. Understanding these circumstances allows for the proper adjustments to be made throughout the replacement, ensuring the concrete has a long lifespan. 

JAX Concrete Contractors provides removal and replacement of concrete as a last resort in fixing existing concrete. The majority of the time, fixing a slab issue before this stage will help you avoid a lot of downtime, inconvenience, and expense. When a concrete slab needs to be  jack hammered out, saw cut, and then repoured in accordance with the slab’s application and design, concrete removal and replacement is necessary. 


What to look out for and how to avoid Options Concrete Replacement?

Our goal is to lessen the hassle, cost, and duration of the slab replacement process for you. Here are some justifications for either replacing or repairing your concrete slab. 

  • Concrete Being Lifted by Tree Roots: The most effective treatment for concrete damage caused by tree roots is to remove it and replace it. If a tree root is heaving or lifting a slab, you can successfully stop further movement if you spot it immediately away. You can get rid of the roots and build a barrier that will stop the tree roots from spreading beneath your current concrete by digging down along the slab. 
  • Several Small Cracks: Small cracks should be fixed as soon as they are found to prevent the slab from needing to be replaced. Visit our website to find out more about the ways we can fix cracks when they are manageable. 
  • Void spaces Below the Slab: The slab will fracture if it is left unsupported. The severity and rate of deterioration will depend on the strength of the concrete, how well it is reinforced, and how large the unsupported area  or void space is. Filling voids and making soils more dense will prevent the need to remove and replace concrete. 
  • Extra weight close to a crack: Concrete is intended to support or withstand a specific load weight. The integrity of the concrete could be jeopardized under very heavy stress. This frequently happens in facilities where sizable machinery and equipment are stored and long-term unattended. The slab was not built to withstand that amount of weight for that amount of time, and more importantly, neither were the soils underneath the slab. If you notice cracks around large objects, you should consider shifting them or ensuring that the concrete is constructed to structurally withstand the needed weights. 


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