Repair and Resurfacing

One of the best ways to make old floors look brand new is by repair and resurfacing. It is a cost-effective method that provides the best quality results. Repair refers to fixing specific damaged areas while resurfacing involves adding a new layer. These layers can either be a cement-based overlay or a modified polymer. These techniques apply to many types of floors

Primary Reasons Behind
Concrete Damages

Did you know that there are other reasons behind the damages of your concrete aside from wear and tear?
Here are some of them:


Corrosion is one of the most common causes of concrete damage, especially in areas that have four seasons. The de-icing salts weaken the alkalinity of the concrete. This results in chloride ions penetrating the reinforced steels.

Freeze-Thaw Disintegration

This type of disintegration is a result of water freezing in the concrete. As time goes by with extreme cold weather conditions, specks of the concrete break off. Luckily, concrete repair Jasonville has several solutions to address this.

AAR or Alkali-Aggregate Reaction

The potent gel found in concrete is a result of reactive aggregate. Over time, when the pavement absorbs too much water, it can become damaged. It is a good thing that Jacksonville’s concrete resurfacing has material that prevents this from occurring.

It is crucial that you immediately fix the damages on your floor regardless of its cause. This will save you money. Moreover, it will also prevent slipping or tripping accidents from happening.

Concrete Resurfacing Techniques

Partial Depth

Partial Depth Repair begins with the process of removing the damaged areas. Once it is taken off, that surfaces are then thoroughly cleaned. Putting re-enforce steel follows after that a fresh coat of concrete is poured over so that it looks even with the other areas.

Full Depth

For surfaces that have more significant damages, it would require a full-depth repair. Similar to partial depth, it involves removing the entire damaged cover and putting reinforced steel. This process is a little more tedious, but it is guaranteed to make floors appear brand new.

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