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Concrete Patio Construction Jacksonville FL

Whether you want to repair a concrete patio, a concrete sidewalk, or the concrete surrounding your pool, we can help you acquire stunning design features for your property. You’ll love the look of the textured, stylish, and stamped concrete surfaces we build for you. JAX concrete contractors provides a wide range of designs, patterns, and colors to households and businesses in Jacksonville, FL.

Spruce up Your Outdoor Area

Your patio or porch should feel like an extension of the interior of your building. Do not allow it to continue having that damp and boring look, when JAX concrete contractors can completely transform your outside space using top notch concrete patio services?

JAX concrete contractors have the knowledge and materials to install attractive designs of stamped concrete into the concrete structures you already have. From building new concrete patios to modifying existing ones, trust our experts to bring dimension and beauty to your outdoor space.

Our design options, color selections, patterns,  and top notch procedures may emulate materials such as tile and stone designs that look natural or rustic to bring a sense of luxury and charm to the exterior of your property. Additionally, we bring your outdoor area to life by combining stamped concrete designs into sidewalks, retaining walls, walkways, and firepits that compliment your landscape and home design.

Reliable Jacksonville Patio Contractors

We understand that your outdoor living space is just as vital as your indoor living area. Besides, increasing the patio space in your backyard is a low-cost method to improve the recreational space of your home as well as add to the total feet of your home’s entertainment space! If you want to create an aesthetic backyard living space, consider the best concrete patio contractor in Duval county.

Call us right now to speak with someone about your fire pit and grill installation needs. We serve Jacksonville, Florida, and the surrounding areas. 

Commercial Patios

Adding a patio to your commercial property may benefit your company. Restaurants that add a stunning outside patio can notice a significant rise in revenue. We can design a unique patio for your customers to enjoy. Provide your customers with outdoor chairs or an outdoor kitchen. A new patio at your workplace might improve staff morale. Outdoor chairs and patios will improve both the curb appeal and the value of your commercial property. We provide a variety of affordable patio solutions that will enhance your property’s curb appeal and value. To discover more about commercial patios, please contact us immediately. 

Make the Most of Your Outdoor Living Space with Jacksonville Patio Installation

Your patio is an extension of the living space in your home, and it is usable at least three seasons of the year. Patios are prone to stains and water damage as a result of poor drainage. Replace your concrete patio with a skillfully built stamped concrete pattern from our experts instead of settling for an unappealing, soiled, or broken surface.  

Our ornamental concrete patios are among the best in Florida. We can install them in any form or size, and we can customize the colors, patterns, and textures to properly fit the other elements of your home’s exterior design. We can match your patio surface to an existing pool surround or landscaping design, whichever you want! 

Retaining Walls & Planter Walls

Installing a planter or retaining wall will add elegance to your home. JAX Concrete Contractors specializes in everything from planter walls to retaining walls. Whether it’s a tiny planter wall for a homeowner, a complex block concrete retaining wall, or a massive engineered architectural wall. When building a block concrete retaining wall, we understand and look for quality, longevity, and value with a unique personalized look. 

Fire Pits & Grills

Nothing beats an outdoor fire pit and grill station for a patio. We install fire pits and grills throughout Jacksonville and the neighboring Duval County locations. 

Everyone enjoys gathering around a warm, pleasant fire. You can build a space for your family and friends to do just that with the aid of the staff at JAX Concrete Contractors. We can assist you in designing an outdoor living environment that meets your requirements, whether it’s a wood or gas grill station or a brand-new fire pit.  

Concrete Patio Contractors Repair or Replacement

While concrete is among the most durable materials available, it is not impervious to cracks and other structural problems. 

We’ve seen it all, from sinkholes to settling fissures, slanted driveways to flood damage. If your driveway can be fixed, as Jacksonville’s concrete repair specialists, we’re the team with the skills and experience to do it! 

Our driveway repair and resurfacing uses an intact sub-base to give you that “new driveway” look and feel without tearing everything down and starting over. The most critical aspect of your driveway is a suitable base layer. We may make modest repairs to the surface that integrate seamlessly and look excellent with your current driveway as long as it is robust enough. 

Our clients are impressed with the outcomes of their concrete resurfacing projects when they engage with us. But, in the end, we understand people have to be able to count on us time and time again in so as to be confidently assured in the work we do. We understand the value you have on your home or business, and we appreciate the opportunity to earn your trust. 

As professionals, we contribute decades of experience and make sure that each project we complete is done well. Clients value our rapid availability and expert commitment to meeting budgets and deadlines. 

Schedule a Free Concrete Repair Consultation

If you’re ready to repair your cracked concrete patio and want to know viable options available to you, get in touch with a trustworthy local contractor, such as the team at JAX Concrete Contractors.


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