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Concrete Extension and Additions Jacksonville FL

There are several reasons why you might need or desire to increase the size of your concrete slab. Perhaps you require a driveway extension because your existing driveway is insufficient for parking, your existing patio is too tiny to comfortably host family and friends, or you want a walkway in your backyard to jut off in another direction. 

Whatever the cause, expanding your concrete surface as a home improvement or business improvement project will involve more than just adding extra concrete. After you’ve added concrete, you’ll probably want to make it appear as if the old and new surfaces overlap. JAX Concrete addition contractors can help with that. Extending a concrete foundation necessitates a combination of strength and precision. It’s a lot more difficult than simply connecting two Lego blocks. An architect will be required if the extension is for a building addition. 

Whether you want a deck extension or a concrete pool, more stories, or a total redesign of your current space, you want to know you have the best home remodeling professionals in Jacksonville and the surrounding areas of Duval County, Florida. As the leading Jacksonville concrete additions contractor, we ensure that you are at the center of the designs, incorporating your needs, personal preferences, and budget into the design plans and construction approach. Every house is unique, and each JAX Concrete contractor’s custom design is one-of-a-kind. 

Concrete Extension and Additions Jacksonville FL

Do you need additional parking space for your RV, car or boat? Maybe you’re exhausted of the constant need to move vehicles around whenever you need leave home. Discover about how to expand your driveway. People desire driveway extensions for different reasons. 

  • Purchasing new vehicles or a larger vehicle such as a truck or trailer.  
  • RV parking on a driveway.  
  • When there are too many cars in the driveway, and some vehicles have to park on the curb or street. 
  • A boat or RV was recently added to the driveway’s collection of vehicles. 

Shuffling cars before leaving the house, can be a daunting task even more so if you’re running late! A driveway expansion can readily remedy this situation. Particularly if you’ve lately added a new boat, car or RV to the fleet! 

Concrete driveway extensions are available from JAX Concrete Contractors. View the most popular designs below:​ 

  • Custom Driveway Extensions
  • Circular Driveway Additions
  • Add a sidewalk to Your Driveway 

Patio Extensions

More patio or driveway space is extremely important in Duval County! While the driveway or patio that came with the house you bought initially fit your needs, your friends crew and family may have increased, that means you’ll need more space to fit everyone in. 

If you opt for concrete, the procedure of expanding or adding more concrete is really straightforward, with numerous possibilities at your disposal.  

Concrete patios can be resized, but they can also have rounded parts, stamping, staining, as well as all other things allowed on Jacksonville, FL properties. As an alternative, we can construct on top of your current concrete patio to increase its height or to create dedicated spaces for your barbecue, tables, umbrella, and other patio furnishings.    

Professional Concrete Foundations for Home Additions

The foundation and concrete footings of a house or business building are only as good as they are. Because poured concrete foundations are strong, they are the favored choice for homeowners. They do not move with the movement of the soil beneath the home, unlike other forms of foundations. A strong foundation equals a much safer home. 

When it comes to foundations for home addition projects, there is no better material than concrete. This material offers a number of characteristics that make it an excellent choice for home extensions and other projects.  

Do you want to know how concrete foundations are installed? Here you will find a quick explanation of the procedure we use when building foundations for home extensions, as well as other information. 

Planning Your Concrete Foundation

We need to have a strong strategy in place before our concrete professionals come to your home. At this point, we’ll talk with you about what you want from your project. 

Concrete Addition Installation

With all of these preparations completed, the only thing left to do is pour the concrete. After that is completed and the concrete has had time to cure, you will be able to use your new concrete foundation! 

Preparing for Concrete Pouring

We’ll go to work as soon as we learn your requirements. First, our crew will undertake preparation work, such as excavating the area where the concrete will be poured, constructing forms for the new concrete, and installing additives and rebar. 

Experts Slabs Extension in Florida

The requirement for a new space drives the need to extend your concrete slab. This is one of the most time-consuming and expensive types of renovation because it involves the construction of new walls, columns, beams, utilities, and so on. 

Because a slab is such an important aspect of a building’s construction, extending it implies extending the entire structure. It would be impossible to execute activities inside a structure without a slab or another adequate structural component, especially on the top floors. 

A concrete slab extension is tedious work, but the benefits and future utility it brings is well worth the expense and labor. Again, any home remodeling can be viewed as a long-term investment due to the increased use of the extra spaces and functions. Concrete slab extensions in Jacksonville don’t have to be difficult if you have a skilled crew on your side. 

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Look no further if you live in Duval County and are looking for a reputable Jacksonville concrete additions contractor! The crew members at JAX Concrete Contractors are eager to assist you. Be sure to get in touch with us as soon as possible! 


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