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Commercial concrete has rapidly become the standard for corporate buildings and business offices these days. Despite becoming popular for its durability, concrete in the past was not suited for commercial structures. Contractors used to have a hard time trying to improve the aesthetics of concrete surfaces.
Thankfully, businesses can now rely on the expertise of several growing contractors that specialize in concrete for commercial applications, among other offerings. JAX Concrete Contractors happens to be one of them.

Founded in 2018, JAX Concrete Contractors is a commercial concrete contractor headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida. Locals may now benefit from the know-how and proficiency of the company when it comes to providing a wide range of various commercial concrete services, such as decorative concrete. Aside from the City of Jacksonville, the company also serves other areas within Duval County.

At JAX Concrete Contractors

We offer you some high-quality decorative commercial concrete Jacksonville services that include but are not limited to:
• Acid-based staining
• Engraving and polishing
• Regrading and leveling
• Epoxy coating
• Polymer cement overlaying
• Existing substrate redecoration and renovation
• Water-based staining

Commercial Concrete Services

The commercial concrete services we provide mainly comprise of foundations, retaining walls, sound walls, and paving.

The company serves different types of commercial establishments:
• Apartments
• Driveways
• Hotels
• Parking lots
• Restaurants
• Retail stores
• Sidewalks

Advantages of
Decorative Concrete

Concrete is the ultimate construction material of choice since it is incredibly durable and rigid that it can tolerate fire and flooding. Aside from durability and rigidity, concrete allows for ease of cleaning and low maintenance. Another great thing with concrete for use in construction is that it is very cost-effective. With the advent of decorative concrete, commercial buildings can now benefit significantly with aesthetic appeal as an added edge. With these essential aspects that you are looking for in a commercial building, JAX Concrete Contractors has you covered.

The key advantages of decorative concrete, apart from durability, consist of:


There is no doubt that appeal is the primary advantage of choosing decorative concrete for commercial applications. In terms of aesthetics, it is used as a visual enhancement to any structure. As per request, professional contractors can alter the appearance of existing concrete on buildings efficiently.

Low Maintenance

Concrete is easy to clean, be it ceilings, floors, or walls. With the aid of certified contractors, frequent call for maintenance is minimized due to their professional handling of installations and repairs that can last many years.

Low Cost

Decorative concrete is significantly lower in cost compared to other building materials. Specifically, polymer cement would make a budget-friendly component for construction.

Types of Decorative Concrete

There are a lot of known ways to add custom-made effects to any existing concrete surface.
They are comprised of:

Stamped Decorative

Concrete stamping features a method that involves a licensed contractor utilizing a stamp mat to engrave assorted designs and patterns on the surface. This procedure is achieved while the concrete is still in a soft state. Stamped concrete can be personalized as well to incorporate company images and logos, thus embedding your brand identity on every surface as much as possible

Stained Decorative

Concrete staining can greatly enhance both the indoor and outdoor aesthetics of a commercial building with the help of an accredited contractor. This procedure is made possible with the inclusion of color pigments using acid or water-based stains, among other popular concrete dyes. Such a method will result in a permanently stained concrete surface that can be customized to a varying degree of hue and shade.

Why Choose
JAX Concrete Contractors?

High Quality

We use only high-quality materials for all of our projects. This ensures that you have invested long-term in your commercial property.

Competitive Rate

When you work with us, affordable decorative concrete has been made even cheaper with our competitive pricing. While you stay within your budget, your project is also completed in no time.

Added Value

With sophisticated installation and repair on your commercial property, you can rest assured that there is an added value to our primary services.

At JAX Concrete Contractors

Searching for only the best commercial concrete company in Jacksonville, Florida, has been made easier, thanks to our rapid growth in the commercial concrete sector.

We are fully equipped with a top-of-the-line range of commercial concrete services and also provide you with other appropriate options that you may find pleasing and suitable for your growing business.

As a fast-growing contractor in Jacksonville, we aim to provide only the greatest and highest quality commercial concrete services throughout Duval County in Florida.


As a concrete company Jacksonville FL you can lean on, we are here to help you with any of your concrete service requests. We will give you full support to find a service that matches your needs and preferences.

We don’t want to keep you waiting. Therefore, we make sure to answer all concerns as soon as possible. Give us a call today, and together let us work on the comprehensive plan of how to remodel or build your dream project.


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