Concrete Replacement

Concrete Replacement

Jacksonville FL

If you’re looking for concrete removal or concrete replacement, find a professional that will honestly examine problems and help you prepare a solution to spruce up your property at the most affordable price point achievable.

Despite being one of the most resilient materials, the repeated cooling and heating cycles observed in Florida can take their toll on concrete. Spalling and unsightly cracks may develop as a result of the concrete’s ongoing constriction and contraction.

JAX Concrete Contractors offers concrete replacement and demolition services to both residential and commercial clients.

We employ skid steer loaders, jackhammers, and excavators with jackhammer attachments to avoid any utility lines that pass underneath your concrete. Furthermore, we manage all debris removal and disposal.

We can replace the concrete buildings and elements listed below:

  • Parking garages
  • Shear walls
  • Slabs
  • Concrete steps
  • Buildings
  • Concrete pavement
  • Concrete driveway
  • Sidewalks and Curbs

There are countless ways to use new concrete to enhance your house or place of business with the proper combination of high-grade components and professional installation. JAX Concrete Contractors is ready to make your project an inexpensive success, from concrete driveway repairs and replacement to new constructions.

Expert Residential Concrete Replacement 

Parts of concrete deteriorate more and more as it continues to age. Concrete must be removed and replaced when it is too damaged for preventative maintenance. To stop further deterioration and lower potential liabilities, it is essential to remove damaged or degraded concrete and replace it.

Before starting the removal and replacement repair, inspect the concrete region for any underlying issues, such as high-traffic areas, odd activities, or anything else that could put pressure on a concrete building. Knowing these facts enables the replacement to be carried out with the necessary changes, ensuring the concrete has a long lifespan. Many locations with significant traffic, like dumpster pads, for instance, don’t meet the suggested standards.

Years of training and expertise are necessary for a durable concrete replacement work. We can guarantee that you get the most value for your money by providing a high-quality product. Never accept a lifeless concrete slab for your backyard. Find a concrete contractor who can put in a brand-new stamped concrete patio to replace the old one you had.

Top Commercial Concrete Replacement

Do you have a large, multi-faceted project at home or in the office that needs to be completed? Working with various contractors and organizing schedules to complete the task on time and within budget might be one of the most difficult challenges. 

A commercial concrete contractor will be required for any sizeable building project in order to offer the structural stability necessary for long-term durability and strength. Each of those services needs to be custom-designed in order to create a structure that fits in with the surroundings and endures over time. You should opt for a reliable business with years of experience if you require a concrete replacement contractor for your upcoming commercial concrete job. Thankfully, JAX Concrete Contractors is all you need to look for. 

JAX Concrete Contractors is aware of what it takes to develop a first-rate structure with the appropriate concrete services. Our personnel is our most valuable asset, something we are really proud of. Regardless of any material delays, our tasks are completed on schedule thanks to this vast pool of skilled workers. Additionally, a lot of our engineers, material suppliers, and skilled workers have years of expertise and mentor our more youthful staff members. 

We provide the employees, as well as the equipment and technologies needed to finish your upcoming commercial concrete project swiftly. We avoid delays brought by by waiting for assistance from other experts because we own all of our own equipment. Additionally, our state-of-the-art technology enables us to interact with one another and with our clients as well as to get real-time updates on the concrete and the building site, helping us stay on schedule.

Concrete replacement services in Jacksonville, FL

Let’s face it: certain concrete projects are simply too large, or the damage is too serious, for resurfacing. In such circumstances, concrete replacement is advised. For jobs of this nature, we recommend bringing in an expert to analyze the situation and determine which solution is best.

Concrete Replacement & Removal Process 

Deteriorating concrete must first be saw-cut and dug up to the correct length below the existing grade before being completely removed to a permitted dump site. To provide a solid basis for concrete restoration, the exposed base is recompacted.

The first step in replacement is to shape and pour the necessary inches of concrete over the area that has been supplied in line with the project’s standards and reinforcing, such as when replacing a concrete slab. Extension and adjustment joints will be offered as necessary. The surface is then completed with a hand trowel or brush.

Each of our jobs is overseen from beginning to end by our owner, who makes sure that the work is done on schedule and according to specifications. That is our promise to you and your project: high-quality materials and skilled labor from our devoted staff, who take pride in their job and go above and beyond to represent our company in a professional manner, leaving our customers wholly satisfied with the results.


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