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We’re a top local concrete construction company in Jacksonville, FL, specializing in affordable and stylish concrete solutions for your business or home. A literally versatile material, concrete is used in commercial spaces and homes for a unique look with unparalleled durability.

No project is too small or too big for our highly professional concrete contractors, from small repairs to new construction and large projects for residential and commercial spaces. We maintain impeccable work ethics during our service and precise craftsmanship is our ultimate strength. All of them make us the most reliable and trusted concrete contractor in Jacksonville, FL

At JAX Concrete Contractors, we can increase the value of your home or business with quality concrete services.

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Since 2018, JAX Concrete Contractors provides professional installation and customer service at competitive prices to businesses and homeowners in Jacksonville, Florida. With services including concrete slabs, concrete patios, and even concrete removal, we offer solutions for your construction needs. JAX Concrete Contractors is determined to provide top-quality concrete construction to clients, using state-of-the-art solutions and the highest grade materials to ensure the beauty and excellence of our unique projects.

We take pride in our team of professionals who ensure that all concrete construction services are completed timely and economically with premium quality. We serve both your residential and commercial concrete contractor needs. We believe that your project plan is one-of-a-kind. Our highly trained and experienced professionals respect your schedule and budget while work from start to finish until you’re fully satisfied. 

Home garage driveway under construction
Concrete slab placed for new home

As one of the leading concrete contractors Jacksonville FL, we highly value our client’s satisfaction. We carefully plan our projects to tailor-fit your needs. Our ultimate goal is timely, accurate construction without compromising the quality of our services. Regardless of the concept, budget, and size of your upcoming project, we’re ready to come up with an innovative and practical solution for it. We’ve built our wonderful reputation over the years by providing unmatched concrete construction service to our clients, and by ensuring top-class organizational skills, expert supervision, and quality materials for each project.    

If you’re looking for reliable commercial concrete contractors in Jacksonville, FL that offers an unparalleled concrete service, JAX Concrete Contractors must be your first choice. The good news is that you have landed at the best place for your next project. Our highly trained professional concrete contractors are ready to provide you a top-quality service according to your budget and within a specific time frame. 

Workers using hand trowels to install new sidewalk on college campus
Stamped concrete brick pattern with natural stain
A completed sidewalk with stamped curved concrete
Concrete slab placed for new home

Benefits of Using Concrete in Your Construction Project

Concrete is more resilient, modern, durable, and of course, it’s beautiful. It’s widely used because of its unique benefits and convenience compared to other construction materials. Here are some common benefits of concrete constructions:perfect swiss swisswatch even more amazing.fake rolex for sale power reserve automatic with silver absolutely has qualification to compare with the masterpiece of palace-level art..rolex is simply specializing in assembly probably modern component of the watch.exceptional skillfulness might be the fundamental significance of who sells the best watchmaking crafts of is in the can be rolex pradareplica task to deliver prosperous data to observe lovers along with fans. aren?ˉt as common as some of the other brands.there is the best with top quality.all of the best swiss is usually a get good at must-see.

  • Concrete is Economical
  • Durable, Strong & Low Maintenance
  • Resilient Material
  • Multi-Mode Application
  • Emission-Free
  • Versatile and Modern Design


Mr. Lo
Tried for two weeks to get an estimate on a 10k driveway job. Multiple calls and no luck getting a response. This may just be a contractor that uses other concrete companies. I don't know for sure.
Mr. Lo
Richard Egan
We use Jax Concrete on several jobs. Specifically, we have been working with Kyle and he has been amazing to work with and always listens to the customers needs. I can't say enough good things about Jax Concrete. Quality work!
Richard Egan
Amber Thorpe
Called to get a quote and the woman on the phone immediately tried to schedule me in 2 days without giving me a quote. I answered "I would be available then but would need a quote first and have not explained the project to you yet". She then told me she would not be willing to do business with me due to my attitude and hung up on me. HORRIBLE customer Service despite clearly being desperate for jobs in 2 days.
Amber Thorpe


Concrete is widely available all over the world and relatively inexpensive compared to polymers, steels, and other cementitious materials. The production cost is quite low and the major concrete ingredients are aggregates, water, and cement. These are readily available at a low price in the local markets.


Concrete materials last longer compared to other construction materials. In fact, concrete materials get harder over time. As a result, maintenance costs become lower in terms of less frequent reconstruction or rehabilitation.


Concrete does not rot, rust, or burn. The material is highly resistant to water, wind, fire, earthquakes, and vibrations which ultimately reduces costs because of its durability and keeps people safe. Concrete has proved itself the most resilient in extreme weather.


Concrete construction applies to multi methodologies and it’s one of the major benefits in comparison with other similar products. It can be grouted, sprayed, pumped, poured, and hand-applied as well. Concreting in tunnels and some other advanced methodologies are also applicable.


When completely cured, concrete turns into an inert substance. Concrete construction is completely emission-free and does not emit any kinds of toxic compounds, gases, or organic volatile compounds. As concrete is emission-free, many people prefer it for their projects.


When hardened, concrete is functional and strong, but it’s very flexible when the ingredients are freshly mixed. That is why, the contractors and designers can utilize it in any texture, surface, form, and shape they think of. Our professional contractors work with concrete in innovative and new ways. As a result, photocatalytic concrete and UHPC (ultra-high performance concrete) are being used in a creative and new way to cope up with sustainability challenges.


Concrete Repairs & Resurfacing

We are one of the best concrete contractors in Jacksonville, Florida who can resurface all varieties of concrete. We also perform repairs in a very timely fashion. We flawlessly deal with removing cracked concrete, concrete cutting, and a block of new fresh concrete. We can repair driveways, patios, walkways, sidewalks, walls, and more. Whether you’re thinking of concrete demolition, sidewalk repair, resurfacing, or repairing any parts of your constructions, the quality of our work will prove our professionalism and services.

Commercial Concrete

One of the leading concrete companies, JAX Concrete Contractors values the importance of your business and the standard you set. No matter the type of concrete construction: storage facilities, parking lots, foundations, or even just ADA ramps, you need highly skilled and trusted contractors for your job. We feel honored if we get the opportunity to serve you with our expertise and years of experience. We can change the entire look of your commercial space and the appealing result will certainly make you happy.
We are at your service when it comes to pouring or constructing commercial concrete walkways, sidewalks, and foundations. We also do manufacturing facilities, truck terminals, loading ramps, loading docks, and more.

Concrete Driveway

Finding the perfect concrete contractors for your Jacksonville concrete driveways is not a difficult task. You’ll be glad to know that you’ve already found the right contractors for your project. Here at JAX Concrete Contractors, our driveway contractors have the skills, professionalism, experience, and training to get your job done and our service will not just meet your expectations but will exceed it. Whether you need to fix up your existing driveway or a new driveway paving, we’re here to help you.

Sidewalks and Patios

We build durable sidewalks to withstand a significant amount of stress and can incorporate decorative elements like interlocking pavers for curb appeal. Patios are among your home’s main attraction, creating outdoor spaces for your family to enjoy. Partner with a decorative concrete contractor who is up for the job. We also do sidewalk and patio repair. Our Jacksonville concrete contractors can gladly help you with these projects.

Decorative Concrete

With the aid of specific coloring and staining, our Jacksonville concrete contractors can emulate natural-looking designs for patios, walkways, and driveways like slate, wood, brick, tile, stone, flagstone, interlocking pavers, and more for decorative projects. We also utilize numerous decorative concrete patterns, textures, and colors to copy the more expensive construction supplies. This provides you with precisely the look you desire for your property at a price you can afford.

Stamped concrete installation for a home's patio

Residential Concrete

We provide residential concrete flatwork for new construction, additions, or repairs. Anything from new home foundations to landscaping, walkways, and driveways. We are a residential concrete contractor with an established record in giving your residential properties the elegance it deserves.
Do you need a new driveway or driveway repair service or a resurfaced patio for your home? If you want to improve your walkway with a concrete stamped pattern or plan to sell your own home, our driveway & patio contractors will be the right choice for you. Perhaps you’re concerned about your concrete slabs or foundation or want to show your project to a skilled contractor. We have state-of-the-art techniques and are ready to get the job done without delay. For your dream home, please reach out to us so that we can work together on your residential solution.   


 Our Jacksonville concrete contractors are equipped with state-of-the-art skills and experience, allowing us to assist you in any way possible. We use high-quality tools and heavy machinery to help achieve your dream project. We also upgrade our equipment with the latest technology to maintain excellence and efficiency.

As a reliable concrete company in Jacksonville, Florida and the surrounding areas, we are always ready to back you up, whether it be for retaining walls, foundations, floors, repairs/resurfacing, stamped concrete, pool decks, concrete driveways, patios, sidewalks, countertops or concrete repair. Our team has years of knowledge and experience to provide you with top-caliber results.

We also treat every project with the same level of professionalism – whether it be for a commercial space or a residential unit. We make sure that our concrete contractors practice show respect and proper work ethics. No project is too big or too small for us because we work hand-in-hand as one family.

We’re also a licensed concrete company that delivers the best quality concrete services for your commercial and residential construction project needs.



We give our customer the peace of mind they deserve. We don’t end our construction services until you are fully satisfied with the experience and the results.

Cost-effective Quotations

Quality is essential, but we also consider the affordability of our services. We offer great customer service and a free estimate.


We have a professional team of people with years of experience to assist with your concerns/inquiries about your construction project. We will be with you all the way!


Our Jacksonville concrete contractors are also artists. We offer property beautification services like scoring, polishing, and staining to give your construction projects a natural and stunning look.


As your trusted concrete contractor in Jacksonville, FL and the surrounding area, we are here to help you with any of your concrete service requests. We value customer service and will give you full support to find a service that matches your project's needs and preferences.

We want your business and don’t want to keep you waiting. Therefore, we make sure to answer all concerns as soon as possible. Give us a call today, get a free estimate, and together let us work on the comprehensive plan of how to remodel or build your dream project. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Are concrete and cement the same thing?

No, concrete and cement aren’t the same. In fact, cement comes in the form of a dry powder and it’s one of the major ingredients of concrete. Together with aggregates (usually sand, gravel, or rock) and water, concrete can be made once the cement is added. Cement is the part of the concrete and it binds the mixture and agent together.

How long does concrete take to become set, or hard?

To set the concrete, it normally takes 24 to 48 hours. After 7 days, concrete reaches 70% of its full strength. And, after 28 days, concrete achieves 100% of its full strength after it is laid. Concrete becomes stronger over time as cement bonds all the moisture particles together.

What are the basic ingredients of concrete?

Concrete is made up of aggregates (crushed stone or sand), water, and cement. Cement is like dry powder that binds the agent and holds all the mixtures together. Cement and water can create a chemical reaction. The strength depends on the ratio of water and cement. Aggregates can be sand, rocks, or gravel. Everything together gives concrete structural strength and volume.

What is the durability of concrete?

Concrete is extremely strong, resilient, and durable. It can be used in several forms, both for residential and commercial purposes, because of its ultra-strength traits. Concrete hardens and becomes stronger with age and it has decades of lifespan. The durability of concrete makes it different from other similar materials.

Is concrete an environmentally friendly material?

Natural rock is one of the sources of concrete and it is often extracted and collected from the actual location. Concrete can be easily recycled after its lifespan. So, we can describe it as both an eco-friendly and environmentally friendly material.

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