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Our concrete handicap ramps are sturdy and resilient, and they will last for a long time. These pedestrian, scooter or wheelchair ramps are customized to your specifications. There are an infinite amount of custom characteristics accessible, including specific height and width. The ramp length is governed by the rise and placement, and it can support a limitless amount of weight.  

The installation process is simple and timely. To satisfy all federal and local compliance needs, resting or turning platforms, steps, and a range of railing choices are offered. All of the ramps we provide are ADA-compliant. 

The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a law that makes it illegal to discriminate against anyone based on their handicap. It was enacted by President George W. Bush in 1990 and established rules for accessing shared public areas and buildings, as well as other safeguards. The ADA includes rules for safe sidewalks and ramps. The regulations apply to public buildings and commercial spaces. While not required for residential properties, each condition has a purpose, and we recommend adherence to these rules to the greatest extent possible. 

Although there is no mandated residential wheelchair ramp rule other than the minimum width requirement, incorporating other ADA ramp requirements into your house ramp construction guarantees that the ramp is safe and meets the demands of the user. Here is a description of the exact ADA rules that ramps must stick to in order for individuals with disabilities to easily navigate them. One of the most common misconceptions is the length of a ramp. To obtain the appropriate safety features, According to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), it must be adjusted to a Pitch of 1:12. This means that there must be at least one foot of ramp for every inch of rise or step height. 

When building ramps for customers, JAX Concrete Contractors adheres to the ADA ramp rules. Following ADA ramp criteria guarantees that each model is safe and easy to use for persons with disabilities, regardless of whether they use a wheelchair, scooter, or other mobility assistance. 

Benifits Of
ADA Wheelchair Ramps

ADA ramps allow people with impairments and movement challenges to live their lives freely and independently. By complying with ADA ramp rules, you give people peace of mind knowing they can exit and enter your building in a safe way. Below we discuss some of the advantages of installing an ADA concrete ramp. 

Risk Minimization

If someone slips and falls on the stairs, it can be very deadly. A ramp can reduce the risk of harm by providing a smooth surface for people to walk or roll on.

Better Accessibility 

Some persons may have trouble utilizing stairs even if they are not in a wheelchair. When you install an ADA-compliant ramp outside, you can help people enter your building more pleasantly and securely. Wheelchair users will also feel more at ease knowing that they can enter the facility. 

Gain More Movement Freedom 

Easier movement brought about by ADA ramps allow individuals to get in and  leave buildings easily. They get autonomy because they no longer need to depend on friends, members of family or caregivers, to constantly assist in their access to buildings and public spaces. 

Pass Through Doors 

Having ramps within doorways allows disabled users to traverse doors with ease. This might be difficult if the doorways were only accessible using ladders or staircases. ADA ramps moreover allow individuals to access regions of the building that they may have initially found inaccessible due to these constraints. 

Approved ADA Concrete Sidewalk Ramps

Streets, curbs and sidewalks that are well maintained provide safe and appealing travel options people as well as pedestrians to appreciate commercial areas, among other town centers. 

Sidewalks are essentially pedestrian lanes usually found on each road side, and several pedestrians can be found walking around on them daily, throughout the day until late at night. If their destinations are close by, many individuals would rather walk there. When users with mobility challenges encounter a minor grate or bump on the road, they may be unable to pass through it. 

To address these concerns, the ADA requires that all sidewalks must include curb ramps. 

Concrete ramps are a popular choice for ADA compliance since they are long-lasting and sturdy. They can endure heavy traffic and can be utilized in any weather condition. Concrete ramps are very simple to maintain and clean. 

A concrete ramp is the finest option for a permanent solution that meets all of your ADA requirements. You can ensure that your property is accessible to all consumers by installing a concrete ramp from JAX Concrete Contractors. 

ADA Compliant Curb Ramps You Can Rely On

Provide liberty and flexibility at home as well as to clients that visit your business. For enhanced safety, our commercial and residential ADA curb ramps have a slip-resistant walking surface. 

If you need a concrete ramp which satisfies ADA regulations, look for the qualities listed below: 

  • A gentle slope will make navigating the ramp easier for pedestrians and individuals on wheelchairs.
  • People will not lose their balance if there are no rapid level changes.
  • There will be no change in the ramp’s elevation as users advance towards the ramp.
  • The ramp should be at least 36 inches wide so that people may easily travel through it.
  • The ramp will be marked with markings or dome-shaped bumps to identify its presence.
  • The edges will be arched outwards with gentle slopes, making navigation easier. 

Constructing ADA ramps taking into account such qualities ensures safe and easy access for everyone who uses it. 

JAX Concrete Contractors has the knowledge and experience to take on all commercial and residential concrete ADA ramp requirements. We design ADA ramps that fulfill all federal and state regulations.


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