Southbank Riverwalk 

The Southbank Riverwalk of the City of Jacksonville is a hidden jewel. Located on the south bank of the St. Johns River, it provides scenic views and a place to escape from the hustle and bustle of downtown Jacksonville.  

The riverwalk offers many opportunities for recreation, including walking or running along its banks, biking alongside it through parks and other green spaces that flank it, fishing in its waters, or just sitting back with your favorite beverage enjoying this beautiful stretch of natural beauty. 

What to see in the Southbank Riverwalk? 

People often come to the Southbank Riverwalk of Jacksonville FL to visit their arts district, enjoy some lunch or dinner at one of the restaurants nearby. 

The Arts District is a special place that offers lots of outdoor opportunities for all kinds of activities. The riverfront location makes it possible to walk, run and bike while enjoying an amazing view of the St Johns River. 

When you are interested in the arts, there is no lack of galleries and museums to visit. The Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens offers art pieces from past centuries that were donated or collected by its founders since 1961.  

The Jacksonville Landing is also a place where people love spending time because it has lots of options for entertainment and dining. There are also many other places to explore in the Southbank Riverwalk, so make sure to take a walk (or ride your bike) and enjoy everything this hidden jewel has to offer! 

What food places to go within the Southbank Riverwalk? 

There are plenty of food places to go near the Southbank Riverwalk in Jacksonville, FL. The Riverside Arts Market is a popular spot for locals and visitors alike, with over 25 vendors selling everything from hot dogs to barbecues. There’s also the Ceviche Jax food truck, which serves up Peruvian-style ceviche and another Latin American cuisine.  

If you’re in the mood for something a little more upscale, check out The Grotto Seafood Restaurant, which has been voted one of the best seafood restaurants in Jacksonville. Whatever your palate desires, you’ll be able to find something to eat near the Southbank Riverwalk. So come on down and explore all that this beautiful area has to offer! 

Pet-friendly environment 

And don’t forget, the Southbank Riverwalk is pet-friendly too! So feel free to bring along your furry friend. There’s plenty of space to walk and play, and several places where you can find water for them to drink. What more could you ask for?  

So come on down to the Southbank Riverwalk and explore all that this beautiful area has to offer! You won’t be disappointed. 

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